Travel in Extravagance on a 5-Star Cruise

To set out on a journey that will move you through the vast oceans aboard an extravagant 5-star cruiser is to let go of the all that is monotonous in life. Of course, there are other ways to travel that will get you there faster, but none are as decadent as a cruise. men-2425121__340.jpg This style of adventure allows you to travel in elegance and flair while seeing the most fabulous sights on earth. Luxury liners date back to the oceanic travel of the 1800’s. In order to be competitive, each company added more and more decadent luxuries, many of which are still included today.

When you vacation on this luxurious cruise ship you will enjoy some of the services of a high-end luxury excursion: five-star rooms with top-notch ship board facilities, personal care, amazing stops all the way, delicious food and spirits as well as a large number of crew to attend to your needs. You will enjoy the freedom to do whatever you want as you give yourself over to this once-in-a-lifetime adventure. From food and wine lovers to history aficionados to adventure-seekers, there is something for everyone to participate in. No matter what you want, these liners are designed to accommodate; from an energetic workout to unwinding by the pool, from dancing the night away to enjoying quiet time with your partner. Cruising on a 5-star ship you'll have the chance to experience an array of marvelous excursions along the journey.

It will seem as if you are living the history of the world as you visit attractions from ancient stone villages to the most modern of today’s cities.

Luxury Cruise Lines

For some of the most glamorous, Silversea Cruises is a company to look at. Silversea travels to some of the most exotic areas and provides cultural interaction and exciting adventures you will not have anywhere else. Also highly respected for its premier luxury cruises is Crystal Cruises.

It offers the best of amenities, unrivaled service, exquisite food and wine, and entertainment you will not find anywhere else. If you are hoping for the most possible destinations, Princess Cruises is your best bet, as they go to six continents and offer more than 40 destinations. The size of their ships is mind-boggling – 670 travelers can fit on each one – so it is a very exciting way to go.

For off-the-beaten-path areas, no one can beat Radisson Seven Seas Cruises, which sails to Antarctica and Alaska among other fascinating spots. They pride themselves on presenting opportunities for cultural exploration and letting their passengers personally get to know local people and places at each destination.

Start off in the Mediterranean
Discover the beauty of the Mediterranean and the history of the region in one of these immense traveling hotels and be sure to take the time to get off ship and wander around the picturesque seaside villages.

Land of the Tsars
Travel to Russia and see the awe-inspiring Hermitage Museum, the second largest museum in existence right now. Its first collection was set up by Empress Catherine the Great in 1764 though it was not open to the public until almost a century later.

The Lands Down Under
Australasia is home to a great array of people, lifestyles, and natural beauty. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is an iconic natural landmark, but also worth a visit are the beautiful beaches and the huge open space known as the Outback.

Anyone who appreciates stunning natural beauty will love the magnificent waterfalls and picturesque valleys of New Zealand, and foodies will want to stop in Tauranga to visit its kiwi orchards.

The Sights and Sounds of Asia

For a real sensory experience, visit Thailand, Vietnam, and China to enjoy the sights, tastes, and smells. Japan is a fascinating blend of age-old traditions and slick, modern cities.

Plan a trip to Bangkok to witness first-hand the beautiful places, the traditional spires of its architecture, and the statues of Buddha.

From Deserts to Skyscrapers to Pyramids
The gleaming cosmopolitan cities of the Middle East, known for their large skyscrapers, lie among vast deserts famous for their amazing wind-blown sand dunes. Dubai is home to the tallest skyscraper that exists right now, the Burj Khalifa, and no trip there is complete without heading up to its observation deck to check out the view.

The colorful, fascinating history of the region began thousands of years ago and still shapes the culture today. In Jordan, the 5th century BC city of Petra is a fantastic place for history buffs to see, while nearby Aqaba is celebrated for its resorts and water sports. Look up in amazement at the magnificent Egyptian pyramids outside of Cairo or travel to the temples in Luxor and Karnak, then head to Oman to see the medieval trade route called Incense Road.

The Diversity of South America
pier-569314__340.jpg You can also sail to South America’s natural wonders like Iguazu Falls bellowing between Argentina and Brazil, trekking next on to Rio de Janeiro, famous for its Carnival and the mesmerizing Christ the Redeemer statue located on the top of Sugar Loaf Mountain.

Nature lovers will delight in Chile; it is not only the longest country in the world, it is endowed with an extensive range of natural beauty from mountains to ice fields and desert to beaches.

From the sophistication of a ball dance to the intimacy of a shared moment on deck, the stage is set for you to create your very own special and memorable moments aboard a 5-star cruise. There is no doubting that a world cruise is a truly life-changing experience.

What Makes a Perfect Honeymoon?

Let's face it, one of the greatest parts about organizing a wedding is that you get to take an awesome holiday after your "I do’s." Newlywed couples are constantly on the hunt for honeymoon solutions that cater specifically to their needs, a fact that many resorts and cruise lines have come to recognize. Your very first experience as a married couple should be a time to relax and rejuvenate as well as create unforgettable memories together. Here are some of the best destinations to share those first moments as a married couple.

Let's get married!
You’ve been swept away by your sweetheart and now you want to create the perfect honeymoon. From the Atlantic to the Pacific, honeymooners in the US have the luxury of having so many destination options wherever their pursuits take them, from mountains, snow covered peaks, to beautiful beaches.

Los Angeles and San Francisco, California
Los Angeles’ Hollywood sign and San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge are just a couple of California’s most famous symbols.
New York, New York

The experienced hoteliers in New York City know just what honeymooners and other romantics want to make their stay memorable. The Big Apple’s celebrated sites, museums, and night scene make it worth getting out of bed.

Hawaii’s striking beaches and hidden coves; premier hotels; fresh, inventive cuisine; water sports aplenty; extraordinary natural beauty; and perfect weather make it one of the world’s top-notch honeymoon destinations.

Las Vegas

And don’t forget Las Vegas. For those newlyweds who seek 24-hour entertainment and night-time fun more than they want to chill out at some beach, this city is the perfect destination. Europe’s cultural wonders, diverse cuisines and relaxing shores make it an ideal honeymoon destination.

Vive La France!
Couples looking for an authentic romantic experience should travel to Paris, dubbed the City of Love, and snuggle in a cozy café or walk under the gleaming lights of the Eiffel Tower.



A hop, skip and jump away, Italy is a country steeped in culture, mouth-watering food, and great fashion as well as much, much more.

The delightful small towns and culture-steeped cities of the Tuscany region are a must see when journeying to Italy. In Venice you’ll see and hear the crooning of the gondolieri who glide along the canals of the City of Water and you’ll marvel at the creativeness of the masks worn during Carnival time.

Spain offers may places to visit: from the historic, the natural wonder, to the sunny coasts and party islands.

Combined with intricate architecture and Spanish folklore, Seville is an enchanting city perfect for honeymooners to explore. By day, enjoy a visit to its opulent palaces. Don't forget to regain your strength with a reviving siesta before going out and about for some late-night dancing.

And let's not forget about Greece with its azure waters and bright whitewashed homes. Its famous ouzo is an great accompaniment to its deliciously fresh seafood and other delicacies. Honeymooning in the South Pacific will leave newlyweds with memories to cherish forever.

Located in the South Pacific, Tahiti and Fiji are known as some of the best honeymoon destinations in the world.

Whichever place you pick, you will come upon miles and miles of peaceful, breathtaking beaches where honeymooners can enjoy some truly amazing digs. In the over-water suites, you'll be captivated when you see tropical fish swimming below the glass panels under your coffee table.

Or explore the Dark Continent: Africa.

The least interesting thing you’ll do on an African honeymoon is to read a book before a hippo-filled river because the remainder of the time you’ll be on an exhilarating game drive, a walking safari, a fishing expedition or a canoe trip.

Toast to married life before a camp fire as you look up to view the star-studded sky and enjoy the sounds of the African bush, with an occasional roar here and there. Zambia, often called the "Real Africa", is an unique wilderness experience distant from the throngs of tourist-packed destinations. It is a place popular with honeymooners with a sense of adventure and a a love of nature. It is a country full of some of the most out of the way and unspoiled wildlife in Africa, but also a place with breathtaking sunsets where you can enjoy true peace and quiet. For newlyweds wishing to have a variety of adventures in one place, South Africa is the perfect destination with its Big 5 game reserves, scenic wine routes, pristine beaches and breathtaking mountain ranges. It has been named the “Rainbow Nation” because of the myriad distinctive cultures living there.

The island of Mauritius, situated about 1,200 miles off the southeast coast of Africa, is regarded as one of the world’s best honeymoon destinations.

This balmy island on the Indian Ocean is replete with palm-fringed beaches making it the perfect place to honeymoon. If you and your spouse are searching for a spot that offers the ideal combination of activity with the time needed to relax, all in a luxurious setting with a high level of personal attention, then Mauritius is where you want to be.

Cruises Are Cruises Are Cruises. Right?

Nothing compares to a river cruise. Because they move at a comparatively slow speed you can really see and enjoy all the breathtaking views, and the amenities they offer on board will make you feel pampered. When you take a river cruise through Europe you will have the option to disembark and join in appealing excursions, while back on board you will enjoy unmatched service, excellent culinary experiences, and engaging activities. Better yet, you will not have to keep unpacking and packing at every destination.

Aboard one of these vessels you’ll journey to some of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities on some of the most legendary rivers used long ago as the world’s first trade routes. The experience is both immersive and relaxing as you travel past beautiful landscapes on rivers such as the Rhine, Douro, Volga, Seine, and Danube. Guests who want to go on excursions or explore on their own will have lots of time to get familiar with local cultures.

Guests can get off the cruise ship and walk around on their own or sign up for guided adventures. ski-mountaineering-1375016__340.jpg There is no shortage of compelling activities to do at each port, from visiting local historic attractions to visiting museums to attending live performances of music or dance. These ships also have a lot of great amenities onboard to guarantee your comfort.

Staterooms come complete with hotel-style beds, private bathrooms, individual climate control, small refrigerators, safes and TVs.

Furthermore, these river cruisers include restaurants, lounges and bars, as well as free Wi-Fi. Some ships even come complete with libraries, boutiques, pools and/or sun decks.

The perfect vacay...
Combine of all this, along with exceptional and personalized service from on-board staff, and you have the ingredients for an amazing vacation.

Whatever time of year you choose to travel, rest assured that each stop will have memorable cultural experiences for you to enjoy. Outdoor events and activities will be more prevalent in the milder seasons of spring and summer.

If you prefer to avoid the main tourist months so that you can dodge the crowds, you might want to sail in the autumn months when the weather is cooler. And in the winter season, you’ll be delighted by lovely Christmas markets and beguiled by the holiday customs and festivities of the locals.

A river cruise is a wonderful way to see the world, especially if you prefer an effortless and relaxing way to travel.

First-time cruise travelers will discover how effortless traveling is on a river cruise and not have to stress much about getting seasick. Furthermore, the attention placed on cultural exploration of destinations means river cruises are ideal for those with a curiosity for art and history, or a general interest in travel.

So Many Things to Discover and Experience in Asia

Hong Kong is one of the most modern cities on the Asian continent and is a focus for international business and finance. Thailand’s largest island, Phuket, is famed for its gorgeous natural beauty, beach life, and culture. Known as the “Queen of the Arabian Sea”, Cochin (or Kochi) in India’s Kerala state, boasts wonderful old cultural icons including a Jewish community with seven synagogues dating back to the 12th century and the Church of St. Francis, built by Portuguese settlers in 1503. Still another must-see is Petra, the Jordanian city designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is known as “Rose City” because it was crafted of rose-colored stone.

From Africa to Asia, from North America to South America, from Antarctica to Europe, discover them all when you travel in style and class on a world cruise.

Discover Africa: Its Sights, Sounds and Peoples

Follow in the footsteps of early explorers from Germany, Britain, Portugal, and The Netherlands when you take a cruise to Africa. Trips to nations including Madagascar, Senegal, Mozambique, and Mauritius will allow you to witness the impact of colonialism alongside ancient tribal traditions. See the spectacular beauty of the desert in Namibia or visit South Africa’s lush green mountainous terrain.

hiker-1149898__340.jpg Chefs and food aficionados alike will want to stopover on the beautiful tropical archipelago of Zanzibar, also known as “Spice Island” because of its abundance of valuable spices including cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

Live and Learn on a 5-Star Around the World Cruise

Global travel has become increasingly popular, leading many cruise lines to include these voyages on their itineraries. Currently, there are in excess of 25 million people each year traveling on the oceans, seas and rivers all over the world. Globetrotters these days find themselves with myriad options in terms of itinerary, the type of ship, and price.

Never-ending options.

For example, greater individualized service, fewer people on board and more direct access to some ports are just some of the advantages of traveling on a smaller ship. Motion sickness may be a concern, however, for those who travel on these ships as they are more prone to the effects of a rough ocean. There are some advantages to larger ships, but one of the big disadvantages is that they have to dock further away at industrial ports which are located farther away from your destination city. This means that independent exploration becomes more problematic and more expensive.

The exciting experiences you have both aboard your cruise ship and ashore at your destination, whether it be Scandinavia, the Mediterranean and Europe, the Caribbean, the Americas and Alaska, Africa, or Asia and Australia, will provide you with life-long memories. An international trip also lets you discover what life is really like in your destination city. The many exclusive outings and activities available give you the possibility to learn about your destination town through its art, culture, cuisine, history, and natural beauty. Experience the world as few others have done on a vacation of a lifetime.

And relish the many perks such as stress-free travel, a place to hang your coat, and the peace of mind knowing you will not have to spend extra money on eating. Whatever your goal, a trip on the world’s great waterways will provide you the peace you are looking for and the experiences you will never forget.

Travel to North, South, and Central America and the Caribbean

Journeying through the Caribbean and the Americas means experiencing the tremendous differences in culture, lifestyle, and natural wonders of each country. The Caribbean is very deserving of its reputation for a laid-back, casual lifestyle, though each island from Aruba and Antigua to St. Martin and Puerto Rico is distinguished by its own language and culture bestowed on it from Spain, The Netherlands, Britain, France, or Africa. The countries that make up Central America, which links North and South America, have fascinating histories and breathtaking landscapes.

History buffs will love to experience the ruins of ancient civilizations including the Maya, Aztec, and Olmec, while more adventurous types will enjoy the tropical forests of Costa Rica.

Navigate through the Panama Canal and see exactly how it works. Traveling through North and South America will take you through stunning natural beauty as well as interesting man-made attractions. Traveling North to Canada, you can explore Quebec City to feel its French atmosphere, or the Viking colony L’Anse aux Meadows, which dates back to the 11th century.

Discover the natural beauty of Alaska’s glaciers when you travel along the west coast of the U.S.A, or go to the east coast instead, if you prefer more cosmopolitan cities.

Head On South
Continuing southward, travelers will find mysterious ruins, a broad variety of cultures and peoples, and music we all know and love. In Brazil, visit the jungles along the Amazon River or the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

Valparaiso, Chile is worth a stop to see the famed colorful homes on the steep hillsides and the breathtaking natural beauty of the country’s massifs and fjords.

Find out how to master the Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Keep going south all the way to Antarctica to experience the breathtaking snow-filled landscape. prague-2505388__340.jpg

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