I Travel For Food

Do you travel for food? How do you find the restaurants that you want to try when you come across it? There is a bit of trial and error involved, if you don't know where to look. There are a few guidelines that can help though. Here they are. First off, you need to decide on what kind of food travel food to bring and when. Many people choose to travel light so that they save some money when they arrive. Light travelers also save on time since they don't have to waste time waiting for a taxi or bus. Food travel is ideal idea and many wish would do much more of it. Food and travel go hand in hand especially in countries like the UK that have both. The UK is a great place to travel food wise. For one, you get to sample many different types of food from all around the world. You can have the traditional curry from India, deep fried Chinese chicken, lamb, beef kebabs and loads more from all over the UK. So what are your food travel favourites? Try the following restaurants that serve up tasty food from many countries:Burger King - If burgers are more your style, then you should head to Burger King. This restaurant serves up wonderful gourmet food served up on golden buns. There are various types of burgers to choose from such as the double cheese burger which has Canadian bacon, crispy golden onions, green onion and of course the cheese. The Asian speciality is of course the Thai chicken burger, which is made with chicken, Thai vegetables and fresh herbs. If you are looking for that rare Burger King treats, the Dubai grill is located in the UAE capital city. PB&R - The PB&R food truck has been serving up some wonderful selections of sandwiches all over the UK. This restaurant offers up to two types of sandwiches, namely the American style breakfast sandwich accompanied by a cup of coffee, and the grilled pound cake sandwich. The grilled pound cake sandwich is topped with fried egg, cheese and mayonnaise and is served on a poppy seed golden bun. Laab - Another street food delight is Laab, an Egyptian dish of rice and beans. Served with vegetables, the dish is served with either basmati or chick peas along with the rice and beans. The British version of Laab is generally spiced and is served with either white rice or black. This delicious dish originated in Egypt and is now enjoyed by British expats in the UK. Boxty - This restaurant offers up some great American-influenced dishes. Some of the I Travel for Food favourites on offer are the Boxty Caesar, chicken kebabs with caramelized onions, the famous macaroni and cheese soup, corn on the cob, and spicy chili con carne. If you don't fancy spicy food then you should also try out the jerk chicken and beer bong. The jerk chicken is covered in a spiced mixture of spices before being marinated for hours in a mixture of milk, lemon juice and hot sauce. Once prepared, it is then placed in a bain Marie and slowly simmered to create a deep rich sauce. Green plantains - South America's most popular street food is green plantains served with a sweet, tangy sauce. The plantains are soaked overnight and then laid out to be cooked in their own juices. Some green plantains are made into a salad, while others are just a simple dish of raw plantains. You can try out green plantains as a light snack or even a lunchtime staple during your I Travel for Food holidays.