Food Travel

Culinary tourism or food travel or gastronomic tourism is basically the exploration of food as a main purpose of traveling. In fact it is even considered an essential part of your tourism experience. Dining out nowadays is quite common among tourists and so "food is considered to rank next to accommodation, scenery and climate" in importance for travelers. There are several factors that contribute to food travel. One of which is beverage tourism which is one of the fastest growing fields in today's culinary industry. Beverage tourism involves various food and beverage industries. One example of this would be the Thai restaurant and hotel beverage business where they specialize in serving Thai, Chinese, Indian, and European cuisine. Some examples of these are Coffee, Tea, Chocolate, Coffee flavored drinks, etc. Food and Hospitality are another term in the hospitality industry that refers to cooking classes. Food and Hospitality are basically the fusion of food and hospitality. It is an exciting field that combines the two elements to create exciting experiences for travelers. Food and Hospitality also encompass training for chefs, but more often than not, the classes focus on food preparation and serving than actual cooking classes. Cooking Classes Food cooking classes are quite popular among those who are traveling with small children because it allows them to learn to prepare simple and healthy meals while still entertaining their guests. In some countries like Japan and Singapore, street food is a popular way of feeding families. The popularity of cooking classes has made cooking classes a popular option when planning a food tour or vacation. The cooking classes usually last between one and three hours and can be booked through any travel agency, which makes the food travel more convenient. Seafood Gastronomy Seafood is perhaps the most popular food for people traveling on food travel. It consists of the finest in tastes and aromas from all around the world. In many countries, seafood is not only eaten during special occasions, but it is a staple diet. Tourists can find a number of great seafood restaurants during their food travel and can try some of the most exquisite varieties of seafood dishes. The best part about seafood cuisine is that it is easy to prepare and it doesn't take much time to prepare good seafood dishes. Many tourists love seafood and enjoy trying out the various seafood dishes. Local Cuisine Food from local cuisine is considered as one of the most tastiest cuisines of the world. Food from local cuisine is very fresh and is prepared with a lot of care and patience. The local people of a particular country usually contribute a lot to the cuisine by preparing some local specialty foods that are unique. In most cases, the locals prepare food according to their own local culture and regional identities. This makes the local food a perfect choice for food travel and when enjoyed at the right occasion. International Food Travel International food travels also include many different cultures and cuisines from all over the world. Food from other countries usually consist of vegetables, meat, fruits and sometimes spices. Some of these dishes might be a little unusual, but many travelers thoroughly enjoy international food travel experiences. The different cultures and nationalities present in various food travel to ensure that every single experience a traveler has with food is unique. These experiences make each traveller feel special and offer them an opportunity to have a very good meal that is more than just edible. Food Travel is a very popular leisure and business activity. Food travel is a very good way to spend your vacation, especially if you are an open-to-eating traveler who loves to try out new foods and discover new tastes. Food that can travel means food that can be consumed both when traveling and when coming back to your home country. When you eat food from another country, you get to experience a little bit of the culture of the country that produces the food, and you get a chance to expand your horizons beyond your own experience. If you are a foodie, then food travel is definitely for you.